Alexander Kronrod (Russian Mathematician and Computer Scientist) 1921-1986

Alexander Kronrod Demographics:
  • Name - Aleksandr (Alexander) Semenovich Kronrod
  • Russian Name - Александр Семёнович Кронрод
  • Born - October 22, 1921
  • Died – October 6, 1986
  • Nationality - Russian
  • Profession - Mathematician and computer scientist.
  • An image of Alexander Kronrod is available on wikipedia (here).
Alexander Kronrod Important Facts:
  • Kronrod studied with the famous Nikolai Luzin in his last undergraduate year.
  • He is best known for the Gauss-Kronrod quadrature formula (published in 1964).
  • He also made contributions to economics - proposing corrections and calculating price formation for the USSR.
  • Kronrod developed a profound interest in artificial intelligence (known in the USSR as heuristic programming).
  • The famous quote "chess is the Drosophila of artificial intelligence." is attributed to Kronrod (here).
  • He was reprimanded by the Communist Party in 1968 for cosigning a letter in defense of the mathematician and logician Alexander Esenin-Volpin (son of the poet Sergei Esenin).
  • Consequences of the reprimand included being fired from his professorship at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute, and being ousted from the Moscow Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics; effectively ending his career.
  • Kronrod went on to apply his skills to helping others, most importantly the terminally ill.
  • He developed a sour milk extract, called milil, for cancer patients.
  • Kronrod died after his 3rd stroke in 1986.

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